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Cybersecurity1 Introduction

Enterprise Cyberattacks - Problems

What are some common WordPress Security issues?

  • Brute-Force Login Attempts
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Database Injections
  • Backdoors
  • Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Phishing
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Nimbus-Key ID - A better solution!​

Our Nimbus-Key ID System is patented and provides a new level of security for authentication and logins to systems. There are over 15 Billion passwords stolen and on the dark web. 80% of cyber intrusions are through the “front door”. Nimbus-Key ID is a dynamically encrypted ID in a QRcode, Dynamically Encrypted MFA™! Protecting the enterprise with a more secure login system, no passwords!

Our Cybersecurity1 website will allow you to use our WordPress App that is connected and will allow you to experience the power of Nimbus-Key ID logins.


Is Your Board Prepared for New Cybersecurity Regulations?

Boards are now paying attention to the need to participate in cybersecurity oversight. Not only are the consequences sparking concern, but the new regulations are upping the ante and changing the game.

Boards have a particularly important role to ensure appropriate management of cyber risk as part of their fiduciary and oversight role. As cyber threats increase and companies worldwide bolster their cybersecurity budgets, the regulatory community, including the SEC, is advancing new requirements companies will need to know about as they reinforce their cyber strategy.

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Student Loan Breach Exposes 2.5M Records

2.5 million people were affected, in a breach that could spell more trouble down the line.

EdFinancial and the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA) are notifying over 2.5 million loanees that their personal data was exposed in a data breach.

The target of the breach was Nelnet Servicing, the Lincoln, Neb.-based servicing system and web portal provider for OSLA and EdFinancial, according to a breach disclosure letter.

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Malicious proof-of-concepts are exposing GitHub users to malware and more

Malicious proof-of-concepts (PoCs) are potentially exposing GitHub users to malware and other malfeasance, researchers have found.

In a paper titled ‘How security professionals are being attacked: A study of malicious CVE proof of concept exploits in GitHub’, researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands recently detailed how thousands of PoCs for known vulnerabilities contain dangerous elements that do more than billed.

Instead of performing an innocuous operation, these exploits could open the door to potential attack.


Nimbus-Key ID Protecting WordPress Websites! Secure Logins!

With Nimbus-Key, you’ll be able to securely access our website every time you log in. Our system will generate a unique, dynamically encrypted QR code and a dynamic PIN (6-digit) for your use. This ensures that your login information is always secure and cannot be compromised.

Nimbus-Key ID App Coming Soon!!!

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